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If your LP gain is below 16 lp an extra charge will occur.

Express orders may be purchased at 20% of the order price
to ensure 8-10 games played per day. Any games that
are not played will be carried on in the next day.

Customers may request a specific champion
pool for 20% more of the order price.

We log all activity so please be aware of the following: Paypal disputes will result in your account being banned. In the event of a paypal chargeback; ALL account history, activity and IP addresses of the user are passed to the relevant authorities, Many thanks!

Oce Boosting is the place to go for a fast and efficient elo boost. You no longer have to wait around for American boosters to allocate your job as we are ready around the clock and will get your job done. Our services include tier/division boosting, coaching and duo-queue self-boosting.

Our business is oriented around quality and security.
This means that you, as our valued customer, will be assured:

Quick and reliable elo boosts from professional boosters
Skype contact for any and all queries
VPN usage to ensure security of your account
Respect for your privacy, this is a business
We will never talk to your friends when logged on
We offer divisional elo boosts, per win elo boosts and duo queue boosts.

Your information will not be saved on a database and communication logs will be deleted once the job is done to protect your privacy and account security. Our service is focused on delivering value to our customers and thus your privacy will be respected.

Oceboosting offers a variety of exclusive services such as:

A reasonable deadline for job completion
Spectate games on a secondary account to keep updated
Constant communication through livechat and Skype

We are a professional boosting service run by an oceanic organization. Our personal accounts are all Challenger tier so you can be guaranteed a quality service.

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Have any questions? We'd love to hear from you.
You can contact us on Skype, Facebook or through
the form below. You can also E-Mail us. We'll be
sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Skype Live:staff_368
Facebook /OCEBoosting
How do I purchase an ELO boost?
Most people, especially first time buyers, prefer to add us on Skype to discuss the purchase. For frequent buyers the online store is a much faster way to buy an express boost. All payments are done through Paypal.
Why should we choose you to ELO boost us?
We are Australian players who have close contacts to all of the professional and high elo players in the Oceanic region. This means that we have the best players providing our customers the fastest service possible.
How long does the ELO boost usually take?
Our elo boosters will work as fast as they can to complete your boost, with smaller boosts often being completed on the same day. If you have time concerns feel free to contact our management officials through Skype, who can also provide booster schedules on request.
Can I get banned?
We guarantee that your credentials will be protected and our boosters will never speak to any friends or anyone in game. Our trusted boosters will only log into your account using our advanced VPN software that will ensure that your account will have maximum privacy and security.
Can I get a refund?
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service provided by our assigned booster then we will provide a refund for the remainder of the boost and perform a full investigation on the booster in question. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority here at OCE Boosting.
Can I play on my account during the boost?
Playing on your account during the elo boost can cause problems with the designated booster logging into the account. Because of this we highly recommend that you do not log into the account during the boost however if it is necessary we can delay the boost to allow you to use the account.
Can you tell me whos boosting me?
Unfortunately the identities of our boosters are kept strictly secret. This is mainly due to the number of professional and publicly known players who require total anonymity. We can assure you that we employ only the most skilled and trustworthy players on the Oceanic server.